2023 was a busy year... I travelled to Saipan, Seoul, London, Miami, Boston, Nashville, Phoenix, Austin, Timmins, New York, New Orleans and Newfoundland (lots of "News"). Got to see a lot of interesting things and work with some really interesting people.  Filmed with awesome clients, great music and produced a doc.  It was a good year. 
I didn't shoot as much as I normally would in 2021... pandemic doing it's thing, screwing things up.  But I did get out on some pretty cool gigs. Here are some real quick looks...
This is just a whole bunch of stuff I've shot over the past few years for some great clients.  Lots of people, places and things involved.  Interviews, luxury hotels, sports, music, corporate, events, conferences, lifestyle... really all over the place.  Its been fun to shoot! 
If you like what you see and want to talk to see if we can work together on a future shoot of yours, please give me a shout! 
Thank you!
...you're still here?
Hey I'm not complaining. I'm glad you've scrolled this far. Since you are, here's a few more videos to spend your time with.  These aren't client videos... more like, just shooting some stuff type videos.  And my kids are in there... Home movies. They're pretty much home movies.

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