This year Cineplex decided to rebrand their "Great Digital Film Festival", so we did... to the "Flashback Film Fest".  I was asked to create the new logo, and after a few rounds or so, we came up with the marquee style logo.  Then it was onto creating the main poster and imagery for this year's collection of films.  From there we pumped out the entire print and social assets.  I managed to make it to the movies once and saw some of my work hanging in the men's room.  Sweet.
This project is always fun because I get to play around with some great imagery from some pretty cool films. Once we got going on this, I was asked to create a bumper to play in the theatres, so I built and animated the logo inside After Effects with Element 3D. Created the sound design in Audition (also in Logic), edited in Premiere. 
I kinda go through the entire Adobe suite with this project... Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, Audition and Acrobat.  Its a CC workout.  All in all, another year down, another cool festival project. 

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