The interviews were shot on the Sony FS5 and Sony A7iii, recording to the Atomos Inferno and Ninja V.  Lit with an Apurture 120d, and just a couple of other Aputure lights in the background (more or less to just be there...).  We just blacked out the room, had a couple of tv's looping some graphics created by the Para committee and that was it.  Everything was shot in SLOG3, but since I was handing all the footage off to the Paralympic Committee right at the shoot, I burned in the final LUT.
We also shot a bunch of footage at the PanAm Athletic centre in Scarborough that the committee will use as they need it.  For that I flew drone over the pool, which was interesting, and shot most of the footage with the A7iii, Ninja V on the DJI-Ronin S.
Here's the first interview that the Committee has published.

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