I was lucky enough to play baseball in college. I played in the States and when I went, there really wasn’t any comparison to the level of competition between Canada and US. But for the past number of years the quality of our university sports has climbed to a point where our best teams can hold their own against any other.
Carlton has dominated men’s basketball in this country for what seems like forever. They routinely face NCAA Div 1 schools in preseason action and win. Chumps will say that “The NCAA guys aren’t trying…” or “Those NCAA schools don’t care about preseason games…” which are both, in a word, dumb statements. I’ve played in the US. I know what the guys are thinking. They sure as hell don’t want to be known as a team that lost to a bunch of Canadians. An American school is all about pride and thumping their chest, being the best.
The simple truth is this. They try. We try. They win, but so do we. There is always room for improvement but our guys and girls are good. There is no denying it. And all our schools are getting better.
For these profiles I was hired to create the graphics, edit along with Helen from Gleam Media and do the final colour grade. It was cool working on these and its cool to see the Canadian programs continue to get better.

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