We've just wrapped the 2nd season of SportsNet Countdown and the workflow for this show is pretty smooth at this point.
It starts on set as stand-ups are shot and delivered to our editor. The show is edited in PPro. The PPro project file is sent to me via Dropbox.  All lower thirds are created and delivered to me and as I get the footage on a hard drive or through a download and I open up the project relink everything... I then go to town on the on-line.  Add the requisite flashes, shimmies and shakes... a little colour here and there, cut an intro and then send off an OMF to our sound guy.
The mix comes back, I throw it in, render it off then create an international version and deliver both to the end client, go to lunch at Boston Pizza and see the show on 28 screens over some shrimp tacos or a perrogie pizza. 

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