This is a bunch of stuff. From the summer. In slow motion.
If you happen to be one of those “I need to know the camera info, the shooting details… the nerd stuff, you know!!” then just settle down, and here you go.
This stuff was shot on the Sony RX100 IV. All shot at 240fps with the Picture Profile 7 (S-Log2), almost all at 1600 ISO. A couple of the shots were at 3200 ISO. The way I shoot using the HFR settings is to go for the quality setting and use the record button as the end trigger, meaning the camera is continuously recording in its “buffer” and when I see that something cool has just happened, I hit the button and the previous 2 seconds is recorded to the card. Bam. Technology.
The footage is flat as you would expect with S-Log2, but seems pretty noisy. It can be a little tedious to get the footage to a respectable and noise free starting point, but if you use James Miller LUTs it’s pretty amazing to see how clean you can get the footage to look. I purchased his set of LUTs designed for the A7s.
What I have found with the camera in combination with James Miller’s LUTs is that I usually need to overexpose while shooting. If not I find myself boosting the exposure (in PPRo CC Lumetri) anyway. The stuff here is not for broadcast so I really didn’t get too crazy with keeping things “legal” in terms of colour.
That’s all the nerd I have for you.
The song in the video is original. It’s summery. It’s below the video if you want to grab it. If that floats your boat.

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