This was a national project for Equestrian Canada and I was brought onboard to shoot a variety of equestrian disciplines. It was awesome to get to hang around horses for these shoots... horses are simply cool. To stay on budget and a tight deadline, we only spent a couple of hours at each location throughout Ontario. Being that we shot in October and November, we adjusted and dealt with whatever weather we were given. That meant some cold, rainy and wet days. But that's what equestrian days are like, you deal with what you're given, so it worked well for the look of the video. I shot primarily on a ZCam E2 at 120fps in 4k with Canon Lenses. Did a couple of crazy rigging shots... and rode in the back of a pickup at 60km/hour across a field to get one cool shot. It was a fun shoot. For delivery I did the final online edit, graphics and colour grade.

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