Throughout 2017 I got the chance to travel the country and film some incredible people. 
A lot of that shooting was for the induction videos that Gleam Media produced for the 2017 inductee class.  The inductees included Simon Whitfield, Mike Weir, Lanny McDonald, Cindy Klausen, Carol Huynh, Dr. Charles Tator, Gaylord Powless and Dr. Robert Jackson.  
The videos, which I edited and created the graphics for, were used as intro pieces prior to the inductees coming on stage at the actual ceremony.  They were also broadcast on Sportsnet. 
Here are a bunch of them and photos.

Simon Whitfield - Two-Time Olympic Medallist, Triathlon

Lanny McDonald - Stanley Cup champion, Ice Hockey

Mike Weir - Golf

Gaylord Powless - Lacrosse

Dr. Robert W. Jackson - Paralympic Builder

Carol Huynh - Womens Wrestling

 Cindy Klassen - Speed Skating

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