This was a series that I was lucky enough to be involved with from the (near) beginning. Produced by Re:Source Media and Future Forward, I was approached to shoot and design the intro sequence. 
The shows producer Warren Kimmel and editor Dennis Chan had the concept for the intro. So over 2 days in April 2010 we shot at Terminal 1 in Pearson Airport and then headed downtown to the Distillery District, the financial district, then finally ending up in an Italian restaurant. The shoot was good and the food was good. Everything was shot hand held with Canon 5dMkII. Edited in Final Cut with grading and effects taken care of in After Effects.
I continued with the show as the On-Line editor. We finished the show on the Avid|DS Nitris. To find out more about the series and watch episodes go to

I also shot some publicity stills for our host Warren Kimmel down in the Distillery District.  We were only asked to leave once.  It was a success.

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