This is the second year I’ve been able to create the look for Cineplex’s Great Digital Film Festival. Last year the look was designed with the 25th anniversary of Batman (Michael Keaton) as a starting point. This year the Festival is heavy on X-Men, Aliens, Kill Bill among others, so we kind of went with the “big action, staring at your face, explosions & lens flares” montage all with a “digital-lcd-Blade-Runnerish-screen” feel. At least we did with the main festival poster. The individual posters for specific films, they just come together based on what I ate for dinner… It’s that structured.
It’s cool work, nice to step back from video and motion design for a couple of weeks. This project gives me a lot creative freedom and is fun to play around with. Here are a few of the posters that you might see in theatres, transit stations, magazines, bathrooms (at participating theatres)…

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